Future Projects

I am currently seeking representation for the following novels:

Emily watches the suffragettes flow in and out of her father’s cells at Holloway Jail. She is determined to fulfill her parents’ dream to get an education, and the last thing she needs is trouble. But when Charlotte—a charismatic college drop-out—goes on a hunger strike, Emily agrees to act as a secret messenger. As tensions mount within and outside the jail, Emily must take a side—and risk everything. Against the landscape of the British women’s suffrage campaign, with all its passionate, fraught intensity, a story of fierce friendship, queer romance, and bold activism unfolds in The Jail Keeper’s Daughter, covering real historical events from protest marches and forcible feedings to an infamous trial and a tragic derby day.

My debut middle grade novel Cornelia and The Nine Days’ Queen is a contemporary mystery set in the Tower of London. When Cornelia embarks on a treasure hunt-turned-feminist history rescue mission, she encounters a teenage queen who met an untimely death, a pioneering female journalist, and even a long-forgotten suffragette.

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